Vista Capital secures FDI and concessionary funding in line with President & Prime Minister’s vision of the sustainable development of Sri Lanka

4The visit of International investors to the East and Northern Provinces has considerably increased. This will definitely confirm the Economic stability and an environment of tranquility in the country.

The investors from the International countries who visit the East and Northern include Ministers, Parliamentarians, Governors, Chief Ministers, Provincial Ministers, Provincial Councilors, Officials of the Local Government Authorities, Heads of Departments and Traders and expressed their willingness and desire to invest in the future in this region.

A committee, Chinese Investors met Rehabilitation and Resettlement State Minister M.L.A.M.Hisbullah at the Ministry recently.

They discussed various development programs in the East and Northern Provinces including projects planned for the future especially concerning Resettlement and Tourism.

The Chinese ATIDESOFT Chairman, Ziseng Zaang and Palitha Pelpola, Coordinating Secretary to the President also participated at this discussion.

Especially in the East and Northern Provinces where the development programs in the future will also be strengthen. The International Investors who visited both East and Northern Provinces, have now doing back in large numbers for development and investment purposes.

After the war lasting for nearly 30 years in the country, now the situation has changed and the people are living with great confidence and leading a happy life along with other communities in the Provinces.

The East and Northern soil has several recourses. Trade (Business) Agriculture, Fishing, Industries and Tourism are resources well established in these parts of the country. People are living peacefully without any fear or favour.

All necessary plans have been drawn up to implement the proposal.

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