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The board of directors. headed by former Minister Felix perera and Dr Husain Hasan former state minister for Fishery in the Republic of Maldives and Mr Imran Cader.
The board of directors. headed by former minister Felix perera and Dr Husain Hasan former state minister for Fishery in the Republic of Maldives and Mr Imran Cader.

Ceylon Oceanic Fortune (Pvt) Ltd is a seafood business that has been established to promote sustainable foreign investment in Sri Lanka’s fisheries sectors, and to produce and supply premium quality seafood products to customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we have embarked on an investment program to acquire our own fishing fleet, build a new start of the art processing factory and cold storage facilities. As a result our current monthly supply capacity will increase from 150 MT to 450 MT within the next 12 months.

Now that expansion plans are underway, with suitable land acquired in close proximity to Sri Lanka’s largest fish landing port at Dickowita, the Company is seeking to secure new customers across the globe.

The Company is run by a qualified and experienced management team that has the drive and ambition to make the Company a global supplier of quality seafood at a competitive price. We are ready to work closely with you, our valued customers, to develop the products you require and form a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.


The Sri Lankan Fisheries sector boasts diverse resources of marine life species. These species range from oceanic species like yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, marlin, swordfish, and reef fish species like ribbon fish, jacks, parrot fish, groupers and snappers, and crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, prawns and shrimps. The performance of the sector is closely linked to the growth of offshore fisheries. Fish from Sri Lanka is exported fresh, chilled and frozen as whole fish, loins and stakes to overseas markets.

The government has several strategies to increase the national fish supply. This involves facilitating private sector growth, promotion of aquaculture, encouraging the harvesting of tuna resources by locals and foreign fishing fleets, and supporting the marketing of fishery products landed in the country.

Aquaculture has also a huge potential in Sri Lanka. Products that can successfully farm in Sri Lanka include tilapia, modha, prawns and shrimps.


347_shrimpIn 2016 National Budget, the Government has proposed to set up an Aquaculture Park in Batticaloa District by providing an enabling environment for the potential private sector investors. This Park will provide an ‘investment ready’ platform for organizations that want to set up commercial aquaculture operations. Furthermore the Government has proposed to provide investment capital and working capital requirements of the shrimp farmers, hatchery operators and processors through the proposed ADB supported SME credit line. The Government also proposed to provide guarantees through the SME credit guarantee fund to those who are engaged in shrimp farming.



Ceylon Oceanic Fortune Pvt. Ltd is seeking foreign investment under JV arrangements or under other cooperative arrangements to boost the marine fisheries and aquaculture production in the country. We can arrange mandatory permits and licenses for aquaculture or foreign fishing vessels to fish in Indian Ocean EEZs. We can provide shore-based services, including provision of fishing gear, bunker, water, ship stores and facilitate their landings, processing and transshipment of the catches for foreign fishing companies.

We are also in a position to set up new processing factories and manage the entire operations for foreign principals utilizing our expertise and skill human resource.




We are currently using fish processing facilities belonging to Lihini Seafoods Pvt. Ltd (http://www.lihiniseafoods.com/) under a commercial contract. The factory has the capacity to produce 175 MT of final finish products per month, primarily focused on fresh products. The factory comply with microbiological, chemical and hygienic parameters required by the EU, USA and all other markets. In the factory, each fish is carefully examined by Quality Control professionals for the histamine levels, mercury levels, color, smell, temperature & the Freshness.

Polybags and Styrofoam boxes are used for packaging the products for exports.

We strive to guarantee total satisfaction of our valued customers by providing the best quality fish at a competitive rate in a dynamic and a hassle free environment with minimum lead time.

Our new factory, which is now being built, will be commissioned in September 2016. It will consist of ice production, chill storage, processing rooms and blast freezing facilities, complete with a 50 MT cold store and capacity to sort, size, grade and freeze approximately 10 MT/day. Building and equipment specifications will meet all international standards.

Once our new factory is completed, we will provide value added products e.g. fillets, steaks, loins, etc with the option to pack in wholesale or retail formats. 


Our product range includes the following as depicted. We can supply in various formats depending upon your needs.



Address: #183 Main Street, Colombo 11, Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 11 583 2917
Facsimile: +94 112 889397
E-mail: info@oceanicfortune.com
Website: www.oceanicfortune.com AND www.oceanicfortune.lk


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