3With the intention of providing integrated solutions to the Sri Lankan Entertainment, Media, Advertising and Communication Industry, Universal Media Network marks its inauguration to explore the new horizons. To this end Vista Capital has secured a 25 % equity stake of Universal Media Networks Pvt Ltd.

Universal Media Networks Pvt Ltd ( )will cover six segments under their umbrella.

  1. Operate a commercial / free to air regional television channel and a radio channel for Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts and then expand Islandwide.
  2. Operate a commercial television channel through satellite for the Sri Lankan expatriate community in the Middle East, Europe, USA,Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Operate a commercial channel based out of Sri Lanka focused at the Maldives and the local Maldivian community based in Sri Lanka.
  4. Advertising / Commercial exercises both on electronic and print media as a leading advertising agency in Sri Lanka for both Government sector and Private sector in Sri Lanka and selected overseas markets.
  5. Provide international contents such as films,dramas, musical programs, children’s programs and documentaries to all the local television channels and telecom mobile operators in Sri Lanka.
  6. Uplifting the local cinema industry with a plan to establish 60 new movie theaters in strategic locations in the Island through Foreign Direct Investment


UNIVERSAL MEDIA NETWORK Provincial Television and Radio Channel are ready to be a Flagship Project to uplift the Agriculture FarmingCommunity in the North Central Province especially covering Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and some part of Trincomalee and Vavuniya.

The Channel will provide useful news and information for farmers about the new technology, regional irrigation plans and schedules aswell as entertainment and educational programs.Through these channels national level artists, sports personalities,scholars and professionals representing respective areas will be motivated and encouraged to share their knowledge, experience and opportunities with the new generation.

Goods and services providers of these areas can use these channels to advertise their products and also national level entities can advertise here.As a new media institute we are committed to start a Dialog on good governance and national integrity through these channels. We believe, this will be generously accepted by the people of the province who are neglected by the mainstream media


The beauty and the challenge of UNIVERSAL MEDIA NETWORKSatellite TV is that it needs to make sure all its programs would cater to Sri Lankans, living in different time zones and cultures. Hence the Proposed Satellite TV station, as its competitors, need to function as a 24/7 Satellite TV station disseminating various programs making the viewership growing.

News and Current Affairs – We have three main news bulletins which will include Sinhala, Tamil and English mediums will telecast the news, in and outside Sri Lanka relevant to both Sri Lankan migrant workers and the Diaspora community. Apart from general news, it will also have a segment on business. The channel would also telecast Social Information programs, especially as live programs and also as business news, Additionally political discussions and sports programs are also planned out.

Entertainment – Under this category, a series of programs including tele-dramas, musical request programs (live), documentaries and special programs will be aired targeting mainly women and children.

Special Events – Sri Lankans all over the world love to watch special events like DaladaPerahara, Madu Church Festival and Nallur Kovil Festival. We would telecast such events live from time to time for the eagerly waiting Sri Lankan viewers.

Since we are targeting Sri Lankans to make them stay in touch with what is happening in their motherland, majority of the programs will be developed and produced in Sri Lanka. Yet, since Sri Lankans are spread all over Gulf/Middle East and Europe, USA, Canada & Australia,we also suggest that some of the programs be produced in such countries making a blend of cultures, life styles and making such programs more closer to the hearts and living conditions of Sri Lankans abroad.


UNIVERSAL MEDIA NETWORK Advertising Agency, which is established to reach the objectives of Brand Advertising andCommunications, holds a key position within the UMN arena.With an illuminating collaboration of marketers, strategists, conceptualizers, audio & video artists and media experts, UMN is Committed to providing total communication solutions to both commercial brands and corporate entities alike.While we have expertise and experience in conventional Advertising as Television, Radio, Press and Outdoor we are also moving ahead with Digital Advertising & Innovative media.Based on the strategic positioning of the brand having a good understanding of the market, we are providing not only long-term solutions but also solutions for rapid results.


Provides international content (films, dramas, musical programs,children’s programs and documentaries) to all the local television channels and telecom mobile operators in Sri Lanka.UNIVERSAL MEDIA NETWORK international content provider has collaborated and signed up with number of Asian, European, American and Australian content providers who have award winning and popular programs which will take the Sri Lankan television industry to a different height with it’s entertainment and education value.


Through a 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) from Singapore, the UNIVERSAL MEDIA NETWORK 60 film theaters company is in the process of setting up 60 new film theaters in strategic locations in Sri Lanka.

Currently, the work is in progress with 2 new film theaters in the heart of the Kilinochchi city and 1 in Jaffna city in the Northern Province which is to be opened shortly. At the same time discussions have been held for new locations in Galle, Ambalangoda and Aluthgama inSouthern province, Kandy and Hasalaka in Central province as well asTrincomalee and Muttur in the Eastern province.

Through the company’s foreign collaboration, all the latest contents of English, Hindi and Tamil films will be released in the newly set up film theaters apart from the Sinhala films and will operate as a new film circuit, namely UMN film circuit

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