Organic Fertilizer

Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer and Pesticides

What is Bio Fertilizer

Bio Fertilizer is a Natural organic fertilizer known that helps to provide all the nutrients required by the plants and helps to increase the quality of the soil with a natural microorganism environment. Bio-Fertilizers are the most advanced bio technology necessary to support developing organic agriculture, sustainable agriculture, green agriculture and non-pollution agriculture. This Bio-organic Fertilizer can increase the output, improve the quality and it is responsible for agriculture environment. Today, it has been widely used with excellent results in all kinds of plants and in several countries.

After the introduction of chemical fertilizers in the last century, farmers were happy of getting increased yield in agriculture at the beginning. But slowly chemical fertilizers started displaying their ill-effects such as leaching out in to the soil, and polluting water basins, destroying micro-organisms and friendly insects, making the crop more susceptible to the attack of diseases, reducing the soil fertility and thus causing irreversible damage to the overall system.

A number of intellectuals throughout the world started working on the alternatives and found that bio-fertilizers can help in increasing the yield without causing the damage associated with chemical fertilizers.

The name itself is self explanatory. The fertilizers are used to improve the fertility of the land using biological wastes, hence the term bio-fertilizers, and biological wastes do not contain any chemicals which are detrimental to the living soil. They are extremely beneficial in enriching the soil with micro-organisms, which produce organic nutrients for the soil and help combat diseases. Then the farm produce does not contain even traces of hazardous and poisonous materials. Thus those products are accepted all over the world as Organic ones. Hence for organic farming the use of bio-fertilizers is mandatory.

Bio-fertilizer contains a wide range of naturally cheated plant nutrients and trace elements, carbohydrates, amino acids and other growth promoting substances. Kelp acts as a soil conditioner by stimulating microbial activity in the soil which results in improved air-water relationships in soil, improved fertility and makes soil less prone to compaction and erosion. Organic Growers who use kelp in their regular fertility program report increases in yield, quality, shelf-life and resistance to environmental stresses such as drought, extreme heat, early frost, and pest and disease problems.

This blend makes an excellent foliar fertilizer. Besides being a nutritionally complete fertilizer (containing even calcium), the nutrients are readily absorbed by the leaf. This is because the nitrogen in fish is in the form of amino acids which plants take in and use directly– unlike inorganic fertilizers in which the nitrogen needs to be converted into a usable form first. Additionally, because the micro-nutrients in the fish and in the kelp are in a naturally cheated form they are quickly and readily absorbed into the leaf surface. Foliar applications on a regular basis can increase the health, vigor and yield of plants due to this easily absorbed additional nutrition.

Organic fertilizers differ from chemicals fertilizers in that they feed plants while adding organic material to the soil. Soils with lots of organic matter remain loose and airy, hold more moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, and promote healthier plant root development. If only chemicals are added the soil gradually loses its organic matter and macrobiotic activity. As organic matter is used up, the soil structure deteriorates, becoming compact, lifeless and less able to hold water and nutrients. These results in increased amounts of chemical fertilizers needed to feed plants. We also like organic fertilizers because they’re made from renewable resources; chemicals are not.
The Bio-fertilizer is a premium natural fertilizer composed just with certified organic ingredients special for nutrient-poor Western soils. This organic fertilizer is unequaled in its ability to nourish the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil greatl content and improving its ability to sustain and nurture healthy, more colorful plants. Use by the handful when planting individual plants, broadcast and mix it deeply into the soil when planting flower beds or spread it around established plants and scratch it into the soil. It is also excellent for use in vegetable gardens, container plantings and as a compost-pile activator

The Peat moss is a plant that could lives well in an environment poor in oxygen but when dies, it’s decomposition could takes thousands of years, That property, give them special properties to the cells, making them much bigger and it that helps to KEEP the water and nutrients that could be applied later to the plants.

Result from long term R & D by eminent scientists pioneering in biotechnology that combines for the farmer, consumer and the ecosystem as a whole.

Advantage to Farmer

  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer free of chemicals, no contamination of soil and water resources.
  • Bumper yield of crop without undermining the quality, taste and other natural properties of the produce. Produce deemed to be certified as organic, ensuring better economic prospects.
  • Economically viable and total cost effective solution, easy to use and applicable for all types of crops.
  • The Organic Liquid Bio-Fertilizer also improves the soil quality and therefore the farmers can cut down the cost of soil maintenance tremendously. With such natural bio-fertilizer, the overall cost of production will reduce and the yield of farmers will correspondingly increase too.
  • To be frank, the farmers have social obligations too to supply non-chemical production to the consumers. Thus a right selection of healthy fertilizer and also a product that can cut down the total cost of production concurrently are the farmers’ duty.
  • Increase crop yield by 20-30%

Advantage to Consumer

  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer would be 100% chemical free, thus most beneficial for health.
  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer contains all vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for body.
  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer may produce food rich in taste and quality economically viable from consumer point of view.

Advantage to Ecosystem

  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer detoxifies the soil by reversing the damage caused by chemical based fertilizers and Pesticides.
  • Apart from benefiting plant growth, it has a unique property of breaking down toxic elements into harmless compounds and soluble salts thus preventing soil and ground from lethal pollutions.
  • Breakdown leaf litter and other compounds into beneficial amino acids, thus improving soil fertility.
  • 100% organic, No ground water or soil pollution.


Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer Superior

Plant Health

  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer gives long lasting results with improvements in plant color, overall health and tremendous growth.

Soil Health

  • Soil qualities are improved for deeper rooting and better penetration of water and nutrients. Unproductive soil is easily rebuilt and replenished.
  • Increase soil microorganism populations.
  • Replace chemical nitrogen and phosphorus by 25%

Microbial Activity

  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer promotes the growth of bacteria and other organisms as well as providing supplementary macro and micro nutrients.

Pest Resistance

  • Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer Improves plant health leads to a dramatic increase in resistance to pests.

Can be soil applied, foliar applied, or applied via a drip system

  • Can be applied universally depending on farmer needs. Applications of Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer will not harm roots or leaves because of the slow release of nutrients. A variety of applications can be used including a tank sprayer, hand/backpack sprayer, and an Ortho-Sprayer.

Will not clog

  • Because of our strict filtering process, there is never a problem with drip line clogging or mixing Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer with other material.

Reduces cost for other treatment

  • Testing at the University of Sabaragamuwa has shown that one can decrease normal fertilizer applications by 25 – 50% by using Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer

Costs less than other brands using

  • Our manufacturing process takes significantly less time than our competitors, resulting in lower processing costs, which we pass on to the our customer.
  • By applying a correct Organic Liquid Bio-Fertilizer, the overall cost of production will be much lower as compare to traditional chemical fertilizers. Simultaneously, it will be good for human body too.

Soil and root Samples after Application of Liquid Organic Bio Fertilizer


Field Testing and Results


Type of Crop Planted Ladies Finger (Okra)
Seedlings planted in field 01.01.2010
01.01.2010  ;  29.01.2010  –  28.02.2010
Data collection period (fruits   were   collected   over   30-day


Fertilizer application & dilution Fertilizer  application  –  once  every  10 days; Dilution – 200 times


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