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800Lagos, January 6, 2017:  SD MARK GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD., leads the consortium comprising of SD MARK INTERNATIONAL LLP. and  VISTA CAPITAL PVT. LTD., is pleased to lend their support to H.E. Abdinur Ahmed Darman to plan and develop a modern and sustainable city with cargo port for vessels plying in the Gulf of Aden with container and breakbulk terminals.

The land area of 2,000,000 sq. km (770,000 square miles) is inhabited by approximately 115 million people.  Somalia and Ethiopia will greatly benefit with much needed goods with lower import costs.

The facilities will provide the Horn of Africa countries with additional capacity for cargo loading and discharging easing congestion in neighbouring ports and boost the regional security and economy.

Container terminals: Port plans for a total of 12 berths with a total wharf length of 4 kilometres (2.5miles). Its container yard offers storage space for 2 million TEUs, including 10 thousand ground slots and 2000 reefer connections. Twenty-four quay cranes will serve the port berths. In addition, the berths are equipped with 30 rubber-tired gantry cranes, 120 prime movers, and 250 trailers.

The master plan for the port calls for 50 berths stretching the coastline of the middle states offering a total handling capacity for 15 million TEUs.

A state-of-the-art information technology system supports terminal operations and all port users. The IT system allows the flow of real-time information and reduces wasteful paperwork by facilitating electronic transactions.

Rail and intermodal connections: In addition to being directly connected by access road to major expressways in Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea, the port will be linked to neighbouring land-locked states of South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, and Kenya by rail.

Port services: Pilotage is required within port, and the port provides pilots around the clock all year.  Port rubber-tired gantry cranes will be fitted with a steering and positioning system guided by advanced satellite-guided position determination systems. Eliminating human errors associated with other global positioning systems, the system increases accuracy and reduces misplaced containers. Advanced information technology systems are also used for container movements, container yard management, and vessel planning. The Gate Control and Monitoring System integrates gate operations with container
management systems for operational efficiency.

A designated Duty Free Commercial Zone used for logistics, distribution, and warehousing. The Free Industrial Zone will be used for manufacturing industries.

A sustainable city of low carbon emission built with recyclable and low cost building materials will be the template for the subcontinent and other third world nations.  Residential, commercial, education, healthcare and industrial complexes to support the port development will provide employment opportunities and will be capable to house 70,000 Somalis.  The utilities and waste management will be deployed by the strategic partners and investors.  Food production from marine, livestock and agricultural resources will be cultivated using high yield methodology from research institutions.

The project will be funded by investors from the consortium partners.

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