Our core services for Prospective Investors & Business Clients are as follows;

  • Investment opportunities and consulting – Identifying suitable investment opportunities in both Sri Lanka and Maldives and ensuring that all approval required to operate the business or project are obtained via  various  government institutions in the minimum time.
  • Investment banking – Providing businesses with expansion & diversification opportunities by linking corporate sellers with buyers – both quoted & unquoted companies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – We provide the support service of engaging in negotiations, merging of the business teams & processes, banking arrangements, due diligence, etc
  • Management of Businesses – Management of companies where there is a lacking of the owners time, and support in transforming them into global power houses.
  • Business Transformation – Guiding the management teams in resturcuring businesses which are loss making.
  • International Business – Supporting the entry of business into global markets.
  • Project Management & Company Setting up / Formation.
  • Project Funding & Banking Facilities.
  • Visa Extensions & Facilitation of Entry, Resident, Business, & Second home Visas.
  • Legal,Conveyancing & Secretarial Services.
  • Specialized legal and tax consultancy.
  • Back Office Operations on Accounting, Auditing & Tax Services.
  • Trading & Sourcing of Materials.
  • Sourcing Property & Lands for Projects, Resident, Commercial & Office Space.
  • Property & Business Valuation.
  • Logistic Services.


The Deputy Chaiman Omar Razak and The MD of the group inspecting some prospective sites suitable for hotel investments
The Managing director attending the global bussiness forum in kunming china. ( July 2015 )
The Managing Director attending the Global Bussiness Forum in Kunming China. ( July 2015 )
The Manging Director at the finance ministry business promotion confrence sep-2015
The Manging Director at the Finance Ministry business promotion conference Sep-2015
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