Vista Capital will be investing licences for both bilingual , TV and radio frequencies  and a portion of the capital required as well. We seek local and international investors to further this project.

We believe that Universal Media Networks will help consumers in Sri Lanka understand the true and unbias picture of what is currently happening in Sri Lanka. We hope to give an exact representation of the political ongoings in an unbias manner favouring no one. We will not only be targeting political news but also many other categories that will differentiate us from other networks, examples are as follows:

Business news – Currently in the market, there is a missing gap in which other media networks do not cover international finance news and only dwell on the domestic. In our case, we will focus on both areas.

Events – The latest local shows and upcoming international performances in Sri Lanka will be featured, as well as the events hosted by neighbouring regions such as India and Maldives. Also, domestic business, political and social events will be accessible.

Reviews – Due to the demand in customer reviews nowadays, we take this opportunity to be innovative amongst the competition, therefore Universal Media Networks will have hotel/restaurant/nightlife reviews that will give locals and tourists precise information regarding prices and quality of services.

Political news – On the spot, fast and reliable political news will be our priority. We hope to give viewers the facts with our ethical approach to news, an independent approach will be taken at all times.

Lifestyle – With a rise in income levels and a new trend of living healthy, we aim to provide viewers and listeners  with exercise techniques, dietary plans and physical workout routines (using the services of an industry expert who is widely accepted). Also, we will establish ourselves as the preferred media in Sri Lanka with new features such as Healthcare, beauty tips, fashion. Once again; we are establishing ourselves amongst competitors with new features such as lifestyle.

Sports – With the rise of cricket in our nation, and Sri Lankan cricketers participating in many international tournaments, we at Universal Media Networks will provide live coverage of the latest matches as well as performance reviews and highlights of the recent games.

Proposed Brand Ambassadors

  • Arjun Coomaraswamy

Untitled1Arjun is a British singer-songwriter, record producer and actor born in Sri Lanka. He is a Sri young Sri Lankan Tamil who has gained international fame as a musical entertainer. Given his global credential coupled with his rapport with Sri Lankan youth, we believe that he possess the star power to be a voice to young people of all walks of life and attract the country’s future generation who will emerge as the decision makers of tomorrow.

Arjun is also the first Sri Lankan to have been signed up by India’s largest record label T – Series.

  • Pooja Umashankar

Untitled2Pooja Umashankar, is an Indian-Sri Lankan actress, who has primarily appeared in Tamil and Sinhala Films. Today she has gained popularity among Sri Lankans having been featured in many teledramas and can be seen as a positive role model for girls.




  • Iranganee Serasinghe

Untitled3Mrs. Serasinghe is a Sri Lankan actress who since her debut in Rekava, has become recognized for playing motherly figures in various films and television serials. She possesses a demeanor of calm elegance that speaks very strongly to the Sri Lankan community as a whole.



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