REM Solar provides cutting edge renewable energy solutions to secure a sustainable Sri Lanka

REM Solar, a customized Solar PV provider dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions for enhancing energy efficiency and generating renewable energy, offers customer-centric service and tailor-made solutions to those looking to invest in securing a sustainable future.

As part of their vision to fulfil Sri Lanka’s energy requirements, REM Solar is an industry player with over 13 years of experience, having planted its roots in Maldives first, before extending it’s range of services to the Sri Lankan audience. Offering innovative solutions and uncompromised quality, REM Solar provides renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial, and utility scale energy projects through affordable prices, world class systems, reliable quality installations and after sales services.

REM Solar strives to deliver solar solutions in Sri Lanka by customizing energy-independent solutions that allow customers to break free from the hassle of paying massive monthly electricity bills. By simply making an investment that offers a higher internal rate of return, customers can experience optimized returns on their investment, and significant long-terms savings, while creating a significantly positive environmental impact.

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