VISTA CAPITAL initiates Sri Lanka’s First Energy Independent township at Ja-Ela through its Associate Spillwell Renewable Energy Lanka Ltd

We are proud to initiate Sri Lanka’s first ever Energy Independent Township in Ja-Ela through our associate company Spillwell Renewable Energy Lanka Ltd.

The Eco Township project is designed by award winning international acclaimed architect Mr.Murad Ismail and this will be a model for South Asia as a Eco Township.

The single biggest cost factor in development and sustainability is the cost of energy. The steady growth in human economic development has been closely tied to the growth in the ability to harness various forms of energy. Till now the world has relied heavily on fossil fuel to meet its energy needs. This has created a scarcity of resources and a dependency among those with fossil fuel resources and those without. This reliance on fossil fuel is not sustainable in the future in terms of the environment. Developing nations need to gain energy independence to fast track their economic development.

This project aims to create an energy independent development that is environmentally sustainable without compromising on comforts and luxuries of economic development. In order to achieve energy independence, this project will first harness the energy available locally at the site. This includes the following:

  • Solar PV will be installed on available roof space.
  • Waste to energy concepts will be used extensively throughout the development. Organic waste will be turned into biogas, which in turn can be used to generate electricity or other forms of energy. The inorganic component will be incinerated and the heat utilized to generate more energy.
  • Sewage will be treated biologically at the site. The waste water recovered will be sued to water the plants and parks at the site. Energy will also be harnessed from this process too.
  • Hot water, air conditioning, and cooking gas will be piped from a central location. District cooling and hot water concepts are more energy efficient and can be produced by renewable means.

If the energy demand of the development area cannot be met from the resources available at the site, then renewable energy will be imported from the immediate vicinity of the project site. This will include first biomass, which is widely available in Sri Lanka, and municipal solid waste from the neighbourhood.

Any excess energy produced by the development site, this would be fed to the national grid.In addition to providing clean, renewable energy to the development site, the project will create jobs and technological know-how transfer.

For more details of the project please refer our website here

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