Vista Capital Entry into Maldives

Maldives is one of the most attractive investment places among the south-east Asian countries. The Maldives takes an outstanding place, due to its exotic nature and its natural beauty. The country is still considered to be developing and offers very attractive opportunities for the keen investor especially in the tourism sector with an average IRR of 20%.

The number of foreigners investing in the Maldives Island has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. Services provided through such investments include acquisition of lagoon, islands, resorts as well as management, sea and air transportation.

Potential investment opportunities for the keen investor to tap in are:

Tourism industry: e.g. acquisition of lagoon, islands, resorts as well as management and development of exotic Holiday Island Resort


Air and sea transportation Eg. Sea Plane, Helicopter and Speed boat transfers


Marine based industries such as aquaculture and marine culture Eg. Ornamental fish and Exotic sea-food


Infrastructure development Eg. Luxury villa project

With a thorough local knowledge, our experts will advise you how to avoid potential risks and to maximize the gain through your capital.

We currently have leased 3 of the most beautiful islands for our new Housing and Resort Development projects. We are in the process of initiating our  first luxury villa development projects on one of these islands. The balance two islands are open for either luxury villa development or exotic hotel development.

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