Vista Capitals entry in to Film and Tele Drama Production & out door digital Media through its subsidiary “One nation Media Holdings Ltd”

unnamedA FILM to communicate the Addressing the Humanitarian Victory Ceremony (Ranaviru Day) at Matara held on 19th May 2015, H. E. President Maithripala Sirisena said though the damaged buildings, destroyed roads and other physical resources were being re-built there was no reconciliation process during the post-war period to rebuild the broken hearts and minds. Therefore, H. E. President clearly stated that the new Government policy is that of both development & reconciliation and it is not possible to fulfill the expectations for reconciliation only through development. Hon. Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has also reiterated similar views on many occasions.

In some countries mass media have been robustly deployed as a tool in the processes of peace- building, healing and reconciliation in nations emerging from civil conflict. In this context and in line with the vision of the , a new film will be produced with 50% funding from the Sri Lankan Government to depict the quest of a nation after a long war for a new social culture with human affection and a deep understanding irrespective of ethnic and religious differences.

It would be in the national interest to promote through films the objective of achieving a united nation where all citizens irrespective of their ethnic, religious or caste background fulfill their aspirations as citizens of Sri Lanka. The film production will highlight the short term and long term benefits to the society and to the nation as a whole with a focus on the reconciliation process to rebuild the broken hearts and minds Further it will cover the importance of carrying out justice, eliminating the fear and mistrust and building trust among every community, importance of bringing people together to learn how to heal, forgive, reconcile, and work through their differences peacefully.

The proposed film would be having a larger audience than the productions made up to date (including above productions) as it caters to all the nationalities including Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Catholic etc in the country. The concept and the story will be applicable to all the nationalities and will be with Tamil and English sub titles. Thus, it is expected a viewership from all the parts of Sri Lanka covering South, West, Central as well as North and East to convey the message of reconciliation process to rebuild the broken hearts and minds. the The total production cost of the film is Rs. 64 million, and Rs. 32 million (50%) has been already invested by the Sri Lankan Government and remaining Rs. 32 million to be raised by Vista capital Ltd.

unnamed2Given the rapid pace of development of outdoor digital display technology, equipment and the broadcast and digital media, One Nation, a subsidiary of the Vista Capital Group is a new age media agency offering initiatives involving digital bus shelters and large digital screens in public places.
Where they are sited appropriately, and curated and managed, digital bus shelters have the potential to contribute positively to town and city centre spaces and to support national policy objectives such as regeneration, economic development and community engagement.
From broadcast, online media providers, and the advertising sectors we anticipate not only the impact of One Nation, but also the potential demand for digital bus shelters and large format outdoor screens of different types and sizes from companies and marketers seeking digital out of home outdoor opportunities.

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