a123Sri Lanka is a country with everything a  tourist could possibly want. It has mile upon unbroken mile of pristine tropical beach for sun seekers, or verdant tea plantations for those who prefer chillier climes. Wildlife can be viewed up close and personal in scores of national parks, or spotted simply wandering at will through jungle and across paddy fields

The country is also replete with history. Some eight World Heritage sites conserve its ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic traditions, not to mention its more recent Colonial heritage.

For three decades much of this splendour was lost on global tourists because of a civil war between the Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority in the north. Since the war ended in 2009, however, the country has become a firm fixture in the travel sections of the world’s media.

Escape 2 Sri Lanka is a destination management company; we aim to provide travelers with a flavour of the Sri Lankan culture and lifestyle. We offer an extensive range of tours allowing you to explore the highlights and hidden delights of the island. With over 24 years experience, our strength is in the expertise of our tour consultants who use their specialist local knowledge to find the perfect hotel, apartment or villa at the right price, giving you the highest quality tours for the best value.

Over the years, we have built long-term relationships with locals in order to give you the best Sri Lankan experience. This level of service doesn’t cost a premium. We have earned a reputation for offering tours at a realistic cost without compromising on quality or reliability; for excellent customer service; and for promoting responsible travel practices.

On our tours travelers experience the scenery, wildlife and culture unique to each area of the island. Our tours range from one to 10 days and are tailored to your requirements and needs. Many tours have been conveniently combined into packages for those wanting an extended value for money travel option. There’s a tour for everyone, from the fit and adventurous who want to explore the richness of the island, to those who prefer the sound of ‘soft adventure’ in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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